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Announcement of the EAC PT 12th round of 2017

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1. Part One - Introductory general information:  Click here

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3. Part Three - Registration Form: Click here

EAC PT 6th Round Evaluation Report 2012

Proficiency Testing Schemes

The primary aim of the EAC Proficiency Testing schemes is to provide a quality assurance tool to laboratories in the region to assess competence of the labs and to take the necessary remedial actions to facilitate improvement. The protocol is the main guide for PT providers.

Press Release EAC PT Scheme

EAC PT Decision Makers Brochure

EAC PT Information Brochure

EAC Proficiency Testing Round 9 Announcement

Part 1 Introductory general information

Part 2 Details of PT Matrices and parameters

Part 3 Registration Form
EAC Lab Questionnaire

EAC Lab Database

Proficiency Testing (PT):

EAC PT 6th Round Evaluation Report 2012

- PT Protocol

- PT Brochures

- PT Application Forms

- Report on the EAC Proficiency Testing Evaluation Workshop with Training Course on Quality Control Charts (Arusha, Tanzania, 15 – 16 February 2011)

- Final EAC PT Water Round 1 Report 2006 (PDF)

- EAC Guidelines for Procurement of Laboratory Equipment
- Trained experts
- Reference materials

Service Providers:
- Calibration
- Maintainance
- Suppliers

Workplan (2006/07)

- Participants
- Schedules