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Fruits, vegetables and their derived products

This section contains draft East African Standards at the public review stage.

The draft standards can be downloaded free of charge. Please use the EAC Comments Template(doc) to submit your comments, through the respective Contact Persons of the NSBs.

CD-K-450-2010, General standard for fruits and vegetables [pdf, 2.1MB]

CD-K-001-2010, Fresh oranges — Specification [pdf, 6.9MB]

CD-K-002-2010, Fresh Tangerines — Specification [pdf, 4.5MB]

CD-K-003-2010, Fresh Lemons — Specification [pdf, 3.8MB]

CD-K-004-2010, Fresh Limes — Specification [pdf, 4.1MB]

CD-K-005-2010, Fresh Grapes — Specification [pdf, 3.1MB]

CD-K-006-2010, Fresh Grapefruit — Specification [pdf, 3.5MB]

CD-K-007-2010, Fresh Apples — Specification [pdf, 1.1MB]

CD-K-008-2010, Fresh Apricots — Specification [pdf, 1.25MB]

CD-K-009-2010, Fresh Blueberries — Specification [pdf, 1.6MB]

CD-K-010-2010, Fresh Cherries — Specification [pdf, 1.5MB]

CD-K-011-2010, Fresh Cranberries — Specification [pdf, 2.2MB]

CD-K-012-2010, Fresh Dewberries & Blackberries — Specification [pdf, 2.5MB]

CD-K-013-2010, Fresh Kiwifruit — Specification [pdf, 2.6MB]

CD-K-014-2010, Fresh Nectarines — Specification [pdf, 1.1MB]

CD-K-015-2010, Fresh Peaches — Specification [pdf, 995KB]

CD-K-016-2010, Fresh Pears — Specification [pdf, 2.4MB]

CD-K-017-2010, Fresh plums & prunes — Specification [pdf, 2.8MB]

CD-K-018-2010, Fresh Raspberries — Specification [pdf, 1.4MB]

CD-K-019-2010, Fresh Strawberries — Specification [pdf, 2.025MB]

CD-K-020-2010, Fresh Watermelons — Specification [pdf, 1.6MB]

CD-K-021-2010, Fresh melons — Specification [pdf, 3.8MB]

CD-K-022-2010, Fresh Annonas — Specification [pdf, 3.0MB]

CD-K-023-2010, Fresh Ceps — Specification [pdf, 1.3MB]

CD-K-024-2010, Fresh nopal — Specification [pdf, 2.1MB]

CD-K-025-2010, Fresh prickly pear — Specification [pdf, 1.9MB]

CD-K-026-2010, Fresh carambola — Specification [pdf, 2.3MB]

CD-K-027-2010, Fresh baby corn — Specification [pdf, 1.2MB]

CD-K-028-2010, Fresh litchi — Specification [pdf, 3.9MB]

CD-K-029-2010, Fresh mangosteens — Specification [pdf, 2.1MB]

CD-K-030-2010, Fresh pummelos — Specification [pdf, 4.5MB]

CD-K-031-2010, Fresh guavas — Specification [pdf, 2.2MB]

CD-K-032-2010, Fresh chayotes — Specification [pdf, 1.5MB]

CD-K-033-2010, Fresh Mexican limes— Specification [pdf, 4.0MB]

CD-K-034-2010, Fresh ginger— Specification [pdf, 1.9MB]

CD-K-035-2010, Fresh longans — Specification [pdf, 990KB]

CD-K-036-2010, Fresh tannia — Specification [pdf, 1.7MB]

CD-K-037-2010, Fresh asparagus — Specification [pdf, 1.9MB]

CD-K-038-2010, Fresh cape gooseberry — Specification [pdf, 960KB]

CD-K-039-2010, Fresh pitahayas _Dragon fruit_ — Specification [pdf, 1.95MB]

CD-K-040-2010, Fresh rambutan — Specification [pdf, 3.6MB]

CD-K-041-2010, Fresh artichokes — Specification [pdf, 2.2MB]

CD-K-042-2010, Fresh aubergines — Specification [pdf, 1.75MB]

CD-K-043-2010, Fresh beans — Specification [pdf, 3.2MB]

CD-K-044-2010, Fresh broccoli — Specification [pdf, 5.3MB]

CD-K-045-2010, Fresh brussels sprouts — Specification [pdf, 2.8MB]

CD-K-046-2010, Fresh headed cabbages — Specification [pdf, 3.6MB]

CD-K-047-2010, Fresh carrots — Specification [pdf, 3.7MB]

CD-K-048-2010, Fresh cauliflowers — Specification [pdf, 3.3MB]

CD-K-049-2010, Fresh chinese cabbages — Specification [pdf, 2.5MB]

CD-K-050-2010, Fresh chicory (witloof) — Specification [pdf, 3.01MB]

CD-K-052-2010, Fresh courgettes — Specification [pdf, 3.5MB]

CD-K-053-2010, Fresh sweet chestnuts — Specification [pdf, 1.2MB]

CD-K-054-2010, Fresh fennel _sweet anise_ — Specification [pdf, 1.6MB]

CD-K-055-2010, Fresh figs — Specification [pdf, 820KB]

CD-K-056-2010, Fresh garlic — Specification [pdf, 3.4MB]

CD-K-057-2010, Fresh horse radish — Specification [pdf, 2.5MB]

CD-K-058-2010, Fresh leeks — Specification [pdf, 1.2MB]

CD-K-059-2010, Fresh lettuce and endives — Specification [pdf, 3.8MB]

CD-K-060-2010, Fresh onions — Specification [pdf, 4.5MB]

CD-K-061-2010, Fresh peas — Specification [pdf, 5.7MB]

CD-K-062-2010, Fresh early and ware potatoes — Specification [pdf, 2.3MB]

CD-K-063-2010, Fresh radishes — Specification [pdf, 1.3MB]

CD-K-064-2010, Fresh ribbed celery — Specification [pdf, 3.0MB]

CD-K-065-2010, Fresh rhubarb — Specification [pdf, 1.4MB]

CD-K-066-2010, Fresh scorzonera — Specification [pdf, 5.0MB]

CD-K-067-2010, Fresh spinach — Specification [pdf, 3.4MB]

CD-K-068-2010, Fresh truffles — Specification [pdf, 2.2MB]

CD-K-069-2010, Fresh gherkins — Specification and grading [pdf, 2.1MB]

CD-K-070-2010, Fresh beets — Specification [pdf, 3.9MB]

CD-K-071-2010, Fresh cantaloupes — Specification [pdf, 2.0MB]

CD-K-072-2010, Fresh beet greens — Specification [pdf, 1.6MB]

CD-K-073-2010, Fresh collard or broccoli greens — Specification [pdf, 2.0MB]

CD-K-074-2010, Fresh dandelion greens — Specification [pdf, 1.2MB]

CD-K-075-2010, Fresh mustard and turnip greens — Specification [pdf, 2.6MB]

CD-K-076-2010, Fresh honeydew & honey ball melons — Specification [pdf, 1.1MB]

CD-K-077-2010, Fresh kale — Specification [pdf, 2.5MB]

CD-K-078-2010, Fresh okra — Specification [pdf, 1.5MB]

CD-K-080-2010, Fresh bermuda-granex-grano type onions — Specification [pdf, 3.0MB]

CD-K-081-2010, Fresh common green onions — Specification [pdf, 2.73MB]

CD-K-082-2010, Fresh creole onions — Specification [pdf, 2.2MB]

CD-K-083-2010, Fresh parsley — Specification [pdf, 1.6MB]

CD-K-084-2010, Fresh parsnips — Specification [pdf, 2.1MB]

CD-K-085-2010, Fresh pea pods — Specification [pdf, 770KB]

CD-K-086-2010, Fresh peppers _other than sweet peppers_ — Specification [pdf, 3.5MB]

CD-K-087-2010, Fresh seed potatoes — Specification [pdf, 1.7MB]

CD-K-088-2010, Fresh romaine — Specification [pdf, 2.0MB]

CD-K-089-2010, Fresh bunched shallots — Specification [pdf, 2.8MB]

CD-K-090-2010, Fresh winter squash and pumpkin — Specification [pdf, 2.5MB]

CD-K-091-2010, Fresh baby _summer_ squash — Specification [pdf, 2.5MB]

CD-K-092-2010, Fresh sweet potatoes — Specification [pdf, 1.3MB]

CD-K-093-2010, Fresh tomatoes on the vine — Specification [pdf, 2.0MB]

CD-K-094-2010, Fresh turnips or rutabagas — Specification [pdf, 2.23MB]

CD-K-095-2010, Fresh sweet cassava — Specification [pdf, 975KB]

CD-K-096-2010, Edible fungi and fungus products — Specification [pdf, 1.3MB]

CD-K-097-2010, Fresh jackfruit — Specification [pdf, 2.8MB]

CD-K-098-2010, Fresh bottle gourds _dudhi_ — Specification [pdf, 1.12MB]

CD-K-099-2010, Fresh bitter gourds _karela — Specification [pdf, 1.4MB]

CD-K-100-2010, Fresh ridged gourds _turia_ — Specification [pdf, 1.8MB]

CD-K-101-2010, Fresh ivy gourds _tindori_ — Specification [pdf, 1.1MB]

CD-K-102-2010, Pomegranate fruit — Specification and test methods [pdf, 915KB]

CD-K-103-2010, Sapota — Specification and grading [pdf, 1.2MB]

CD-K-104-2010, Fresh crabapple — Specification and grading [pdf, 1.5MB]

CD-K-105-2010, Chillies — Specification and grading [pdf, 3.0MB]

CD-K-106-2010, Bitter cassava — Specification and grading [pdf, 1.0MB]

CD-K-107-2010, Fresh Mandarins — Specification [pdf, 4.7MB]

CD-K-109-2008, Bananas specification [pdf, 1.4MB]

CD-K-109-2010, Fresh breadfruit — Specification [pdf, 1.1MB]

CD-K-125-2010, Fresh tree tomatoes — Specification [pdf, 1.6MB]

CD-K-480-2010, Fresh dasheen — Specification [pdf, 5.2MB]

EAS 6-2010, Fresh pineapples — Specification [pdf, 1.3MB]

EAS 19-2010, Avocados — Specifications [pdf, 3.5MB]

EAS 47-2010, Fresh papaya — Specification [pdf, 1.64MB]

EAS 50-2010, Canned pineapples  — Specification [pdf, 630KB]

EAS 56-2010, Fresh mushrooms — Specification [pdf, 1.84MB]

EAS 66-1-2010, Tomato products — Pt 1, Concentrated juice [pdf, 587KB]

EAS 66-2-2010, Tomato products — Pt 2, Tomato catsup [pdf, 382KB]

EAS 66-3-2010, Tomato products — Pt 3, Tomato juice [pdf, 344KB]

EAS 66-4-2010, Tomato products — Pt 4, Canned tomato paste [pdf, 500KB]

EAS 66-5-2010, Tomato products — Pt 5, Canned tomato puree [pdf, 410KB]

EAS 66-6-2010, Tomato products — Pt 6, Tomato sauce [pdf, 405KB]

EAS 83-2010, Fresh tomatoes — Specification [pdf, 3.2MB]

EAS 91-2010, Passion fruit — Specification [pdf, 2.1MB]

EAS 329-2010, Fresh mangoes — Specification [pdf, 2.8MB]

EAS 330-2010, Citrus fruits — Specification [pdf/rar, 8MB]

EAS 332-2010, Fresh sweet peppers — Specification [pdf, 3.9MB]

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