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EASC/TC 074 surface Active Agents

In accordance to the EAC Principles and procedure for development of East African Standards (EAS), sub-clause on ballot stage, the following Final Draft East African Standard (FDEAS) have been distributed by the TC Secretariat together with the Ballot Form F for one month with effect from 8th May to 7th June 2014 to all Partner States for a one month to vote. In commenting you have to use Form F available in the EAC principle and procedure.   
2. FDEAS 814:2014 Determination of biodegradability of surfactants — Test method   3. FDEAS 815: 2014 Soap noodles — Specification   4. FDEAS 816-1: 2014 Synthetic liquid laundry detergents - Specification - Part 1: Hand wash  
5. FDEAS 816-2: 2014 Synthetic liquid laundry detergents – Specification-Part 2: Machine wash 6. FDEAS 817:2014 Stain remover for tableware — Specification  
7. FDEAS 127-2: 2014 Synthetic detergent powders — Specification — Part 2: Machine wash


The following Draft East African Standards (DEASs) have been prepared by the EAC Sector Committee, EASC/TC/015 Sugar and sugar products on Sugar in accordance with the procedures of the East African Standards Committee (EASC).

These Draft East African Standards are being posted for public review and the Committee would appreciate any comments to these Draft Standards, which should be submitted before 15th May, 2014 to the TC Secretariat (Rwanda Bureau of Standards) for the attention of Eric Ruracenyeka, email: ruraeic@yahoo.fr.

FDEAS 349-2004_Liquid glucose(syrup)
FDEAS 350 Hard Bioled sugar confectionaries
FDEAS 352 Chewing gum bubble
FDEAS 818 - 2013 Sugar cane Jaggery
FDEAS 819 - 2013 Molasses for industrial use
FDEAS 820 - 2013 Dextrose Monohydrate