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Draft East African Standards For Road Vehicles

The following Draft East African Standards have been developed following the Directive of the Sectoral Council for Trade, Industry, Finance and Investment. On 18th April 2007, the Sectoral Council urged Partner States to expedite the harmonization of standards for used vehicles imported into the Community including the age limit of such vehicles.

The Council of Ministers adopted this directive as a Decision of the Council in its meeting of 24th - 28th September 2007 as EAC/CM 14/Decision 38. As the Sectoral Committee in charge of standards, the East African Standards Committee was mandated by this Decision to formulate standards under the mandate of the Decision as per the Procedures for Development of East African Standards, 2005.

After due deliberations, the EASC eventually formulated EAS 500 as the main standard to be used for the assessment of roadworthiness of motor vehicles entering service into the EAC. EAS 500 comprehensively covers requirements for both new and used vehicles. In order for EAS 500 to be fully implemented, however, there are other codes, standards and test methods cited in its normative references. These have been developed separately and are to be used jointly with EAS 500 in order to address specific acspects in detail. It is important to note that EAS 500 cannot, in itself, be used as a standalone document.

The country secretariat for the EAC TC on Transport and Packaging, Kenya, through KEBS, urges all interested parties to consider the whole package of standards listed below and submit their national positions by 31st July 2010.

The Draft East African Standards are available for download free of charge. Comments for improvement of the standards are welcome from all interested parties within the EAC and our trading partners as well as interested professionals in their respective fields worldwide. The comments should be submitted to the East African Community Secretariat or the Contact Person in the Partner States using the EAS Comments Template (doc).

EAS 500-2010, Vehicle roadworthiness test code [pdf, 2.5MB]

CD-K-005-2008, Vehicle rear underrun protection devices [pdf, 520KB]

CD-K-007-2008, Vehicle head restraints for safety [pdf, 325KB]

CD-K-008-2008, Vehicle antitheft devices specification [pdf, 256KB]

CD-K-009-2008, Seat belts specification [pdf, 900KB]

CD-K-010-2008, Vehicle seat belt approval [pdf, 2.82MB]

CD-K-011-2008, Vehicle seat belt anchorage approv [pdf, 1.3MB]

CD-K-013-2008, Vehicle roadside roadworthiness test [pdf, 300KB]

CD-K-014-2008, Vehicle test station evaluation [pdf, 455KB]

CD-K-015-2008, Vehicle noise emission test [pdf, 320KB]

CD-K-017-2008, Approval of seats, anchorages & head restraints [pdf, 860KB]

CD-K-018-2008, Vehicle silencing systems [pdf, 330KB]

CD-K-019-2008, Strength of seats & anchorages [pdf, 260KB]

CD-K-020-2008, Vehicle front protection equipment [pdf, 300KB]

CD-K-021-2008, M1 vehicle steering mechanism behaviour [pdf, 320KB]

CD-K-022-2008, Vehicle speedometer equipment [pdf, 290KB]

CD-K-023-2008, Roadstuds specification [pdf, 360KB]

CD-K-024-1-2008, Retroreflective plates - Metal blanks [pdf, 362KB]

CD-K-024-2-2008, Retroreflective plates - Metal [pdf, 472KB]

CD-K-024-3-2008, Retroreflective plates - Plastic blanks [pdf, 285KB]

CD-K-024-4-2008, Retroreflective plates - Plastics [pdf, 441KB]

CD-K-025-2008, Resistant laminated safety glass [pdf, 390KB]

CD-K-026-2008, Vehicle  laminated safety glass [pdf, 235KB]

CD-K-027-2008, Vehicle toughened safety glass [pdf, 345KB]

CD-K-028-1-2008, Warning signs - Triangles [pdf, 485KB]

CD-K-028-2-2008, Warning signs - Abnormal signs [pdf, 460KB]

CD-K-028-3-2008, Warning signs - Other signs [pdf, 475KB]

CD-K-028-4-2008, Warning signs - Chevron signs [pdf, 332KB]

CD-K-028-5-2008, Warning signs - Chevron decals [pdf, 340KB]

CD-K-029-1-2008, Vehicle lights — Incandescents [pdf, 810KB]

CD-K-029-2-2008, Vehicle lights — Headlights [pdf, 451KB]

CD-K-030-2008, Large passenger vehicle strength [pdf, 847KB]

CD-K-031-2008, Large passenger vehicle seat strength [pdf, 576KB]

CD-K-032-2008, Vehicle model homologation [pdf, 755KB]

CD-K-033-2008, Child restraints in vehicles [pdf, 3.3MB]

CD-K-034-2008, Vehicle lights — Filament lamps [pdf, 2.3MB]

CD-K-035-2008, Safety glazing materials [pdf, 2.7MB]

CD-K-036-2008, Small passenger vehicle construction [pdf, 925KB]

CD-K-037-2008, Large passenger vehicle construction [pdf, 890KB]

CD-K-038-2008, Secured (M2, M3) passenger vehicle construction [pdf, 2.2MB]

CD-K-039-1-2008, Vehicle braking - General [pdf, 432KB]

CD-K-039-2-2008, Vehicle braking - Device response [pdf, 261KB]

CD-K-039-3-2008, Vehicle braking - Energy reservoirs [pdf, 282KB]

CD-K-039-4-2008, Vehicle braking - Spring brakes [pdf, 242KB]

CD-K-039-5-2008, Vehicle braking - Parking brakes [pdf, 292KB]

CD-K-039-6-2008, Vehicle braking - Distribution of braking [pdf, 472KB]

CD-K-040-2008, Stationary vehicle noise emission [pdf, 320KB]

CD-K-041-2008, Vehicle braking [pdf, 3.0MB]

CD-K-042-2008, Passenger car braking [pdf, 900KB]

CD-K-043-1-2008, Tyre sizes & loads [pdf, 310KB]

CD-K-043-2-2008, Tyre sizes & loads - Passenger car [pdf, 233KB]

CD-K-043-3-2008, Tyre sizes & loads - Commercial [pdf, 282KB]

CD-K-043-4-2008, Tyre sizes & loads - Motorcycle [pdf, 233KB]

CD-K-043-5-2008, Tyre sizes & loads - Offroad [pdf, 234KB]

CD-K-043-6-2008, Tyre sizes & loads - Agricultural [pdf, 235KB]

CD-K-043-7-2008, Tyre sizes & loads - Industrial [pdf, 233KB]

CD-K-044-2008, Wheel plaps [pdf, 300KB]

CD-K-049-1-2008, Engine net power - Sea level [pdf, 580KB]

CD-K-049-2-2008, Engine net power - At altitude [pdf, 285KB]

CD-K-049-3-2008, Engine net power - Agric sea level [pdf, 502KB]

CD-K-050-1-2008, Low speed vehicles [pdf, 297KB]

CD-K-050-2-2008, Low speed trailers [pdf, 430KB]

CD-K-051-1-2008, Pneumatic braking - Contact type [pdf, 387KB]

CD-K-051-2-2008, Pneumatic braking - Palm type [pdf, 430KB]

CD-K-051-3-2008, Pneumatic braking - Arrangements [pdf, 610KB]