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Meat and meat products

The following Draft East African Standards have been developed under the mandate of the East African Standards Committee under the comprehensive programme for developing standards for products of trade and export potential in the East African Community. The envisaged standards are intended to cover the necessary aspects to make East African products competitive and acceptable regionally and internationally. The Draft East African Standards are available for download free of charge. Comments for improvement of the standards are welcome from all interested parties within the EAC and our trading partners as well as interested professionals in their respective fields worldwide. The comments should be submitted to the East African Community Secretariat or the Contact Person in the Partner States using the EAS Comments Template (doc).

CD-K-670-2010, Bovine (beef) meat — Carcases and cuts [pdf, 5.1MB]

CD-K-671-2010, Caprine (goat) meat — Carcases and cuts [pdf, 965KB]

CD-K-672-2010, Ovine (sheep) meat — Carcases and cuts [pdf, 3.0 MB]

CD-K-673-2010, Porcine (pig) meat — Carcases and cuts [pdf, 1.6MB]

CD-K-674-2010, Llama or alpaca meat — Carcases and cuts [pdf, 2.0MB]

CD-K-675-2010, Edible meat co-products [pdf, 3.42MB]

CD-K-676-2010, Canned corned beef — Specification [pdf, 100KB]

CD-K-677-2010, Ham — Specification [pdf, 265KB]

CD-K-678-2010, Cooked cured ham — Specification [pdf, 105KB]  

CD-K-679-2010, Cooked cured pork shoulder — Specification [pdf, 105KB]

CD-K-680-2010, Cooked cured chopped meat — Specification [pdf, 106KB]

CD-K-681-2010, Luncheon meat — Specification [pdf, 285KB]

CD-K-682-2010, Food grade meat (beef) extract — Specification [pdf, 295KB]

CD-K-683-2010, Smoked bacon — Specification [pdf, 290KB]

CD-K-684-2010, Canned pork sausages — Specification [pdf, 321KB]

CD-K-685-2010, Fresh pork sausages — Specification [pdf, 285KB]

CD-K-686-2010, Raw or cooked red meat sausages — Specification [pdf, 285KB]

CD-K-687-2010, Canned luncheon pork meat — Specification [pdf, 340KB]

CD-K-688-2010, Canned luncheon beef — Specification [pdf, 340 KB]

CD-K-689-2010, Canned bacon rashers — Specification [pdf, 355KB]

CD-K-690-2010, Canned ham — Specification [pdf, 310KB]

CD-K-691-2010, Canned minced ham — Specification [pdf, 310KB]

CD-K-692-2010, Mutton and goat meat canned in brine [pdf, 620KB]

CD-K-693-2010, Animal casings — Specification [pdf, 365KB]

CD-K-694-2010, Curried and canned mutton and goat meat [pdf, 290KB]

CD-K-695-2010, Soup stock medium (beef) — Specification [pdf, 335KB]

CD-K-696-2010, Canned mutton biryani — Specification [pdf, 290KB]

CD-K-697-2010, Code of hygienic practice for meat [pdf, 1.9MB]

CD-K-698-2010, Veterinary drugs residues in foods — Glossary [pdf, 285KB]

CD-K-699-2010, Veterinary drugs residues in foods — MRLs [pdf, 255KB]

CD-K-700-2010, Ante-mortem and post-mortem inspection of meat animals [pdf, 385KB]

CD-K-701-2010, Guidelines for use of the term halal [pdf, 255KB]

CD-K-702-2010, Meat inspection table — Specification [pdf, 292KB]

CD-K-703-2010, Basic requirements for an abattoir [pdf, 1.9MB]

CD-K-704-2010, Hog gambrels — Specification [pdf, 310KB]

CD-K-705-2010, Pig hooks — Specification [pdf, 300KB]

CD-K-706-2010, Electrical stunning tongs for pigs [pdf, 291KB]

CD-K-707-2010, Sheep dressing hooks — Specification [pdf, 340KB]

CD-K-708-2010, Gambrels for sheep and goats [pdf, 310KB]

CD-K-709-2010, Sheep spreaders — Specification [pdf, 291KB]

CD-K-710-2010, Sheep bleeding shackles — Specification [pdf, 302KB]

CD-K-711-2010, Handling of slaughter-house by-products [pdf, 280KB]

CD-K-712-2010, Requirements for stall for sale of meat [pdf, 365KB]

CD-K-713-2010, Classification of foods and animal feeds [pdf, 1.4MB]

CD-K-714-2010, Spices and herbs used in processed meat and poultry — Microbiological quality [pdf, 500KB]

CD-K-715-2010, Non-meat protein products in processed meat and poultry products [pdf, 500KB]

CD-K-716-2010, Good animal feeding — Code of practice [pdf, 560KB]

CD-K-717-2010, Meat and meat products — Determination of total ash [pdf, 290KB]

CD-K-718-2010, Meat and meat products — Determination of nitrogen content [pdf, 1.5MB]

CD-K-719-2010, Meat and meat products — Moisture content [pdf, 1.4MB]

CD-K-720-2010, Meat and meat products — Total fat [pdf, 965KB]

CD-K-721-2010, Meat and meat products — Free fat [pdf, 1.5MB]

CD-K-722-1-2010, Meat and meat products — Chloride content by Volhard method [pdf, 1.2MB]

CD-K-722-2-2010, Meat and meat products — Chloride content by potentiometric method [pdf, 1.2MB]

CD-K-723-2010, Meat and meat products — Total phosphorus [pdf, 1.1MB]

CD-K-724-2010, Meat and meat products — Measurement of pH [pdf, 135KB]

CD-K-725-2010, Meat and meat products — Nitrite content [pdf, 1.32MB]

CD-K-726-2010, Meat and meat products — Nitrate content [pdf, 1.6MB]

CD-K-727-2010, Meat and meat products — Hydroxyproline content [pdf, 1.3MB]

CD-K-728-2010, Meat and meat products — L-+- glutamic acid content [pdf, 145KB]  

CD-K-729-2010, Meat and meat products — Detection of polyphosphates [pdf, 1.1MB]  

CD-K-730-2010, Meat and meat products — Starch content [pdf, 1.6MB]

CD-K-731-2010, Meat and meat products — Chloramphenicol content [pdf, 155KB]  

CD-K-732-2010, Meat and meat products — Colouring agents [pdf, 250KB]  

CD-K-733-2010, Meat and meat products — Total phosphorus [pdf, 1.5MB]  

CD-K-734-2010, Meat and meat products — Starch and glucose [pdf, 185KB]  

CD-K-736-2010, Meat and meat products — Pseudomonas spp [pdf, 1.7MB]  

CD-K-737-2010, Meat and meat products — Brochothrix thermosphacta [1.65MB]  

CD-K-738-2010, Procedure for milk recording for cows [pdf, 2.3MB]  

CD-K-739-2010, Definitions of living animals for slaughter — Porcines [pdf, 1.4MB]

CD-K-740-2010, Definitions of living animals for slaughter — Ovines [pdf, 2.6MB]

CD-K-741-2010, Milking machine installations — Vocabulary [pdf, 980KB]

CD-K-742-2010, Milking machine installations — Construction and performance [450KB]  

CD-K-743-2010, Refrigerated bulk milk tanks [pdf, 4.6MB]  

CD-K-744-2010, Continuous manure scraper conveyors for stalls [pdf, 895KB]

CD-K-745-2010, Milking machine installations — Mechanical tests [pdf, 1.1MB]

CD-K-746-2010, Automatic milking installations — Requirements and testing [pdf, 731KB]