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Draft East African Standards for Fish and Fisheries Products

The following draft standards are currently available for public comments. They are available for download free of charge. Please submit your comments using the EAS Comments Template (doc). The comments should be submitted to the Contact Persons of the National Standards Bodies or the EAC Secretariat.

CD-K-510-2010, Fresh dried rastineobola argentea_Omena_ [pdf, 802KB]

CD-K-511-2010, Fresh and frozen prawns or shrimps [pdf, 1.86MB]  

CD-K-512-2010, Dried prawns or shrimps [pdf, 1.8MB]

CD-K-513-1-2010, Fresh and frozen whole fin fish [pdf, 1.0MB]

CD-K-513-2-2010, Fresh and frozen fin fish fillet [pdf, 1.2MB]

CD-K-514-2010, Frozen tuna loins — Specification [pdf, 830KB]

CD-K-515-2010, Frozen octopus — Specification [pdf, 940KB]

CD-K-516-2010, Dried salted fish — Specification [pdf, 1.4MB]  

CD-K-517-2010, Quick frozen lobsters — Specification [pdf, 845KB]

CD-K-518-2010, Canned shrimps or prawns — Specification [pdf, 421KB]

CD-K-519-2010, Sardines and sardine-type products — Specification [pdf, 1.0MB]

CD-K-520-1-2010, Canned fish — Fish canned in tomato sauce — Specification [pdf, 872KB]

CD-K-520-2-2010, Canned fish — Fish canned in brine — Specification [pdf, 531KB]

CD-K-520-3-2010, Canned fish — Fish canned in oil — Specification [pdf, 795KB]

CD-K-521-2010, Code of practice for fish and fishery products [pdf, 1.2MB]

CD-K-522-2010, Code of practice for salted fish [pdf, 880KB]

CD-K-523-2010, Handling, processing, storage and distribution of molluscan shellfish [pdf, 535KB]

CD-K-524-2010, Canned clam meat — Specification [pdf, 707KB]

CD-K-525-2010, Code of hygienic practice on commercial fishing vessels [pdf, 793KB]

CD-K-526-1-2010, Test methods for fish — Collection and storage of samples [pdf, 266KB]

CD-K-526-3-2010, Test methods for fish — Determination of parasites in finfish by candling [pdf, 373KB]

CD-K-526-4-2010, Test methods for fish — Determination of total inorganic and organic mercury [pdf, 318KB]

CD-K-526-5-2010, Test methods for fish — Determination of selenium [pdf, 257KB]

CD-K-526-7-2010, Test methods for fish — Determination of lead [pdf, 278KB]  

CD-K-526-8-2010, Test methods for fish — Determination of organochlorides, pesticides, PCBS, and PCB congeners [pdf, 390KB]

CD-K-527-2010, Transport of live fish seeds for inland pisciculture purposes [pdf, 285KB]

CD-K-528-2010, Tuna and bonito canned in water or oil – Specification [pdf, 721KB]

CD-K-529-2010, Canned crab meat — Specification [pdf, 556KB]

CD-K-530-2010, Canned Salmon — Specification [pdf, 574KB]

CD-K-531-2010, Quick frozen finfish, eviscerated or uneviscerated — Specification [pdf, 1.7MB]

CD-K-532-2010, Standard for quick frozen shrimps or prawns [pdf, 764KB]

CD-K-533-2010, Transport of fresh water aquarium fish [pdf, 1.1MB]

CD-K-534-2010, Quick frozen blocks of fish fillets, minced fish flesh and mixtures — Specification [pdf, 1.2MB]

CD-K-535-2010, Quick frozen fish sticks _fingers_, fish portions and fish fillets [pdf, 744KB]

CD-K-536-2010, Salted fish and dried salted fish of the Gadidae Family of fishes [pdf, 1.3MB]

CD-K-537-2010, Dried shark fins — Specification [pdf, 793KB]

CD-K-538-2010, Quick frozen fish fillets — General specification [pdf, 492KB]

CD-K-539-2010, Quick frozen raw squid — Specification [pdf, 632KB]

CD-K-540-2010, Crackers from marine and freshwater fish, crustaceans and molluscan shellfish [pdf, 579KB]

CD-K-541-2010, Salted Atlantic herring and salted sprat — Specification [pdf, 644KB]

CD-K-542-2010, Live and raw bivalve molluscs — Specification [pdf, 621KB]

CD-K-543-2010, Processing and handling of quick frozen foods — Code [pdf, 617KB]

CD-K-544-2010, Code of hygienic practice for lobsters [pdf, 848KB]

CD-K-545-2010, Code of hygienic practice for smoked fish [pdf, 773KB]

CD-K-546-2010, Code of hygienic practice for crabs [pdf, 771KB]  

CD-K-547-2010, Code of hygienic practice for the processing of frog legs [pdf, 587KB]

CD-K-548-2010, Model Certificate for Fish and Fishery Products [pdf, 528KB]

CD-K-549-2010, Sensory evaluation of fish and shellfish in laboratories [pdf, 647KB]  

CD-K-550-2010, Practice for frozen battered and or breaded fishery products [pdf, 793KB]

CD-K-551-2010, Pomfret canned in oil — Specification [pdf, 1.3MB]

CD-K-552-2010, Prawns or shrimp canned in brine — Specification [pdf, 686KB]

CD-K-553-2010, Frozen frog legs — Specification [pdf, 553KB]

CD-K-554-2010, Shark liver oil for veterinary use [pdf, 612KB]

CD-K-555-2010, Frozen lobster tails — Specification [pdf, 746KB]

CD-K-556-2010, Tuna canned in oil — Specification [pdf, 901KB]

CD-K-557-2010, Fresh pomfret — Specification [pdf, 1.1MB]

CD-K-558-2010, Frozen whole pomfret — Specification [pdf, 995KB]

CD-K-559-2010, Sardine oil — Specification [pdf, 270KB]

CD-K-560-2010, Lactarius sp canned in oil — Specification [pdf, 547KB]

CD-K-561-2010, Frozen seer fish — Specification [pdf, 555KB]

CD-K-562-2010, Fresh seer fish — Specification [pdf, 505KB]

CD-K-563-2010, Crab meat canned in brine — Specification [pdf, 800KB]

CD-K-565-2010, Solid packed crab meat — Specification [pdf, 630KB]

CD-K-566-2010, Frozen cuttle fish and squid — Specification [pdf, 1.4MB]

CD-K-567-2010, Fish protein concentrate — Specification [pdf, 561KB]

CD-K-568-2010, Edible fish powder — Specification [pdf, 265KB]

CD-K-569-2010, Mussels canned in oil — Specification [pdf, 2.1MB]

CD-K-571-2010, Frozen minced fish meat — Specification [pdf, 553KB]

CD-K-572-2010, Sampling of fish and fisheries products [pdf, 486KB]

CD-K-573-2010, Beche-de-mer — Specification [pdf, 1.2MB]

CD-K-574-2010, Frozen clam meat — Specification [pdf, 867KB]

CD-K-575-2010, Fish pickles — Specification [pdf, 337KB]  

CD-K-576-2010, Code for processing and storage of cured fish products [pdf, 488KB]

CD-K-577-2010, Water and ice for fish processing industry [pdf, 250KB]

CD-K-578-2010, Operational cleanliness and layout of fish market — Guidelines [pdf, 351KB]

CD-K-579-1-2010, Hygienic conditions for fish industry — Preprocessing stage [pdf, 306KB]

CD-K-579-2-2010, Hygienic conditions for fish industry — Canning stage [pdf, 298KB]

CD-K-580-2010, Fresh, frozen and canned mackerel — Specification [pdf, 1.3MB]

CD-K-581-2010, Fresh and frozen threadfin — Specification [pdf, 863KB]  

CD-K-582-2010, Accelerated freeze dried prawns _shrimps_ — Specification [pdf, 1.5MB]

CD-K-583-2010, Fishing nets — Designation of netting yarns in the Tex System [pdf, 1.1MB]

CD-K-584-2010, Fishing nets — Netting — Basic terms and definitions [pdf, 673KB]

CD-K-585-2010, Description and designation of knotted netting [pdf, 843KB]

CD-K-586-2010, Hanging of netting — Basic terms and definitions [pdf, 981KB]

CD-K-587-2010, Fishing nets — Specification [pdf, 423KB]

CD-K-588-2010, Cutting knotted netting to shape tapering [pdf, 1.9MB]

CD-K-589-2010, Breaking force and knot breaking force of netting yarns [pdf, 764KB]

CD-K-590-2010, Determination of mesh breaking force of netting [pdf, 726KB]

CD-K-591-2010, Mounting and joining of netting — Terms and illustrations [pdf, 2.8MB]

CD-K-592-2010, Fishing nets — Determination of elongation of netting yarns [pdf, 1.7MB]

CD-K-594-2010, Change in length of netting yarns after water immersion [pdf, 1.2MB]

CD-K-595-2010, Compounded trout fish feeds [pdf, 265KB]

CD-K-596-2010, Live aquaculture abalone [pdf, 927KB]

CD-K-597-2010, Canned hake _Cape cod_ — Specification [pdf, 593KB]

CD-K-598-2010, Production of frozen fish, marine molluscs [pdf, 893KB]

CD-K-599-2010, Canned fish, canned marine molluscs and canned crustaceans [pdf, 1.3MB]

CD-K-600-2010, Thermal process control in low-acid fish canning factories [pdf, 767KB]

CD-K-751-2010, The handling of chilled and frozen foods [pdf, 886KB]

CD-K-752-2010, Packaged meat products _processed or manufactured_ [pdf, 722KB]

CD-K-753-2010, The manufacture, production, processing and treatment of canned meat products [pdf, 1.0MB]

CD-K-754-2010, Fresh and frozen scallop — Specification [pdf, 1.1MB]

CD-K-755-2010, Canned shellfish — Specification — General [pdf, 601KB]