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Draft East African Standards on Environment, Health and Safey

The following Draft East African Standards cover the areas identified during the 1st meeting of the EAC TC on Environment, Health and Safety which was held in Kigali, Rwanda from 17th to 19th November 2009.

The proposed areas were subsequently approved by the East African Standards Committee in its 14th meeting of 13th to 14th May 2010.

The Draft East African Standards cover the following Areas:

  • Drinking water quality
  • Sewage water
  • Gate valves
  • Water supply systems
  • Drainage systems
  • External sewage systems, etc
The Draft East African Standards have been based on available best international, regional and national practices which closely respond to the needs of the EAC.

The Draft East African Standards are available for download free of charge. Comments for improvement of the standards are welcome from all interested parties within the EAC and our trading partners as well as interested professionals in their respective fields worldwide. The comments should be submitted to the East African Community Secretariat or the Contact Person in the Partner States using the EAS Comments Template (doc).

Particular attention is drawn to the fact that Draft Standards based on International Standards are circulated for objection only.
CD-K-006-1-2009, Non-metallic materials for water - 1 Gen [pdf, 621KB]

CD-K-006-2-1-2009, Non-metallic materials for water - 2-1 Samp [pdf, 1.2MB]

CD-K-006-2-2-1-2009, Non-metallic materials for water - 2-2-1 Odour [pdf, 965KB]

CD-K-006-2-2-2-2009, Non-metallic materials for water - 2-2-2 Odour [pdf, 551KB]

CD-K-006-2-2-3-2009, Non-metallic materials for water - 2-2-3 Odour [pdf, 506KB]

CD-K-006-2-3-2009, Non-metallic materials for water - 2-3 Colour [pdf, 533KB]

CD-K-006-2-4-2009, Non-metallic materials for water - 2-4 Micro [pdf, 848KB]

CD-K-006-2-5-2009, Non-metallic materials for water - 2-5 Micro [pdf, 729KB]

CD-K-006-2-6-2009, Non-metallic materials for water - 2-6 metals [pdf, 655KB]

CD-K-006-3-2009, Non-metallic materials for water - 3 High temp [pdf, 428KB]

CD-K-006-4-2009, Non-metallic materials for water - 4 GCMS [pdf, 1.6MB]

CD-K-005-2009, Drainage fields for wastewater [pdf, 1.95MB]    

CD-K-008-2009, Penstocks [pdf, 820KB]

CD-K-001-1-2009, Domestic water system installation [pdf, 3.32MB]

CD-K-003-2009, Backflow prevention [pdf, 1.14MB]

CD-K-004-2009, Outside water system installation [pdf, 1.2MB]

CD-K-007-1-2009, Thermoplastic pipes for water - 1 Gen [pdf, 1.1MB]

CD-K-007-2-2009, Thermoplastic pipes for water - 2 PB [pdf, 834KB]

CD-K-007-3-2009, Thermoplastic pipes for water - 3 PE-X [pdf, 760KB]

CD-K-009-2009, Ductile iron pipes [pdf, 1.7MB]

CD-K-010-2009, Water conditioning devices [pdf, 491KB]

CD-K-011-2009, Indirectly heated unvented storage water [pdf, 672KB]

CD-K-001-2-2009, Drainage installations for buildings [pdf, 6.5MB]

CD-K-002-2009, Drain and sewer systems [pdf, 1.7MB]

CD-K-012-2009, Plastic pipes for renovation – Classification [pdf, 1.75MB]

CD-K-013-1-2009, Plastic pipes for renovation - 1 General [pdf, 2.125MB]

CD-K-013-3-2009, Plastic pipes for renovation - 3 Lining [pdf, 1.55MB]

CD-K-014-2009, Seamless copper tubes [pdf, 755KB]

CD-K-015-1-2009, Water supply valves - 1 Gen [pdf, 544KB]

CD-K-015-2-2009, Water supply valves - 2 Isolating [pdf, 497KB]

CD-K-015-3-2009, Water supply valves - 3 Check [pdf, 469KB]

CD-K-015-4-2009, Water supply valves - 4 Air [pdf, 515KB]

CD-K-015-5-2009, Water supply valves - 5 Control [pdf, 522KB]

CD-K-015-6-2009, Water supply valves - 6 Hydrants [pdf, 533KB]

CD-K-016-2009, GRP UP for water supply [pdf, 2.5MB]

CD-K-017-2009, Water Trtment Chemicals – NaOH [pdf, 997KB]

CD-K-018-2009, Water Trtment Chemicals - Na2CO3 [pdf, 796KB]

CD-K-019-2009, Water Trtment Chemicals - NaHCO3 [pdf, 746KB]

CD-K-020-2009, Water Trtment Chemicals - NH4OH [pdf, 807KB]

CD-K-021-2009, Water Trtment Chemicals - Na2SO3 [pdf, 706KB]

CD-K-022-2009, Water Trtment Chemicals - Na2S2O3 [pdf, 711KB]

CD-K-023-2009, Water Trtment Chemicals - NaHSO3 [pdf, 829KB]

CD-K-024-2009, Water Trtment Chemicals - Na2S2O5 [pdf, 753KB]

CD-K-025-2009, Water Trtment Chemicals - Liquefied NH3 [pdf, 638KB]

CD-K-026-2009, Water Trtment Chemicals - CuSO4 [pdf, 824KB]

CD-K-027-1-2009, PVC-U - 1 General [pdf, 816KB]

CD-K-027-2-2009, PVC-U - 2 Pipes [pdf, 866KB]

CD-K-027-4-2009, PVC-U - 4 Valves [pdf, 694KB]

CD-K-027-5-2009, PVC-U - 5 Fitness for purpose [pdf, 980KB]

CD-K-028-1-2009, Plastic pipes for  drain renovation - 1 General [pdf, 1.94MB]

CD-K-028-3-2009, Plastic pipes for  drain renovation - 3 Close fit pipes [pdf, 1.5MB]

CD-K-028-4-2009, Plastic pipes for  drain renovation - 4 Cured-in-place pipes [pdf, 1.64MB]

CD-K-029-1-2009, PP pipes for hot & cold water supplies - 1 General [pdf, 788KB]

CD-K-029-2-2009, PP pipes for hot & cold water supplies - 2 Pipes [pdf, 953KB]

CD-K-029-3-2009, PP pipes for hot & cold water supplies - 3 Fittings [pdf, 774KB]

CD-K-029-5-2009, PP pipes for hot & cold water supplies - 5 Fitness for purpose [pdf, 693KB]

CD-K-029-7-2009, PP pipes for hot & cold water supplies - 7 Conformity [pdf, 806KB]

CD-K-030-2009, Cast iron drain pipes [pdf, 546KB]

CD-K-031-2009, Cast iron rainwater goods [pdf, 673KB]

CD-K-032-2009, Wrought Cu & Zn rainwater goods [pdf, 869KB]

CD-K-033-2009, PVC-U rainwater goods [pdf, 1.24MB]

CD-K-034-2009, Painting buildings code [pdf, 1.9MB]

CD-K-035-1-2009, Copper cylinders - 1 Vented [pdf, 1.0MB]

CD-K-035-2-2009, Copper cylinders - 2 Single feed [pdf, 1.05MB]

CD-K-036-2009, Domestic water cisterns to 500 l [pdf, 1.32MB]

CD-K-037-1-2009, Waterwork valves - 1 Key operated [pdf, 523KB]

CD-K-037-2-2009, Waterwork valves - 2 Stem caps [pdf, 1.3MB]

CD-K-038-2009, Tank thermal insulating materials [pdf, 3.04MB]

CD-K-039-1-2009, Slating & Tiling Code [pdf, 5.0MB]

CD-K-040-2009, Residential sprinklers code [pdf, 1.3MB]

CD-K-041-2009, Pedestal WC pans dimensions [pdf, 325KB]

CD-K-042-2009, Ductile iron sewarage pipes [pdf, 2.64MB]

CD-K-043-2009, Common safety reqs for pumps [pdf, 1.12MB]

CD-K-044-1-2009, Rotodynamic pumps - 1 Non-auto [pdf, 572KB]

CD-K-044-2-2009, Rotodynamic pumps - 2 Noise code [pdf, 905KB]

CD-K-045-2009, Copper alloy stopvalves [pdf, 666KB]

CD-K-046-1-2009, Cu plumbings - 1 Capillary ends [pdf, 876KB]

CD-K-046-2-2009, Cu plumbings - 2 Compression ends [pdf, 851KB]

CD-K-046-3-2009, Cu plumbings - 3 plastic ends [pdf, 816KB]

CD-K-046-4-2009, Cu plumbings - 4 Combining ends [pdf, 559KB]

CD-K-046-5-2009, Cu plumbings - 5 Short ends [pdf, 894KB]

CD-K-047-2009, Brackets for eaves gutters [pdf, 648KB]

CD-K-048-2009, Water storage components [pdf, 1.10MB]

CD-K-049-2009, PE externally coated ductile iron pipes [pdf, 982KB]

CD-K-050-2009, Metallic corrosion protection [pdf, 1.2MB]

CD-K-051-2009, Epoxy externally coated ductile iron pipes [pdf, 799KB]

CD-K-052-2009, PU externally coated ductile iron pipes [pdf, 789KB]

CD-K-053-2009, Externally mortar coated ductile iron pipes [pdf, 849]

CD-K-054-1-2009, Pastic pipeworks code - 1 Gen [pdf, 2.3MB]

CD-K-054-2-2009, Pastic pipeworks code - 2 UPVC [pdf, 1.2MB]

CD-K-054-3-2009, Pastic pipeworks code - 3 PE [pdf, 825KB]

CD-K-055-2-2009, PE plastic pipes for water supplies - 2 Pipes [pdf, 794KB]

CD-K-055-3-2009, PE plastic pipes for water supplies - 3 Fittings [pdf, 893KB]

CD-K-055-5-2009, PE plastic pipes for water supplies - 5 Fitness [pdf, 707KB]

CD-K-055-7-2009, Pastic pipes conformity - 7 PE [pdf, 1.23MB]

CD-K-059-1-2009, Security of drinking water suppy - 1 Crisis management [pdf, 1.4MB]

CD-K-059-2-2009, Security of drinking water suppy - 2 Risk management [pdf, 43KB]

CD-K-060-2009, Emergency water tretmt chemicals - C3N3Cl2Na [pdf, 1.2MB]

CD-K-061-2009, Emergency water tretmt chemicals - C3N3Cl2Na.2H2O [pdf, 1.2MB]

CD-K-062-2009, Emergency water tretmt chemicals - C3N3O3Cl3 [pdf, 1.2MB]

CD-K-063-2009, Groundwater sampling quality assurance guide [pdf, 466KB]

CD-K-064-2009, Groundwater monitoring wells design & installation [pdf, 714KB]

CD-K-065-2009, Groundwater site min identification data elements [pdf, 553KB]

CD-K-066-2009, Groundwater wells decommissioning guide [pdf, 717KB]

CD-K-067-1-2009, Groundwater description data elements - 1 Additional [pdf, 533KB]

CD-K-067-2-2009, Groundwater description data elements - 2 Physical [pdf, 684KB]

CD-K-067-3-2009, Groundwater description data elements - 3 Usage [pdf, 636KB]

CD-K-068-2009, Management of potable water distribution – Code [pdf, 4.8MB]

CD-K-069-0-2009, Groundwater resources exploitation - 0 Glossary [pdf, 225KB]

CD-K-069-1-2009, Groundwater resources exploitation - 1 Siting of water borehole [pdf, 333KB]

CD-K-069-2-2009, Groundwater resources exploitation - 2 Drilling of boreholes [pdf, 480KB]

CD-K-069-3-2009, Groundwater resources exploitation - 3 Aquifers [pdf, 1.13MB]

CD-K-069-4-2009, Groundwater resources exploitation - 4 Test-pumping [pdf, 665KB]

CD-K-069-5-2009, Groundwater resources exploitation - 5 Pumping eqt [pdf, 1.94MB]

CD-K-069-6-2009, Groundwater resources exploitation - 6 Pumping eqt installation [pdf, 583KB]

CD-K-069-7-2009, Groundwater resources exploitation - 7 Borehole rehabilitation [pdf, 197KB]

CD-K-069-8-2009, Groundwater resources exploitation - 8 Borehole management [pdf, 248KB]

CD-K-069-9-2009, Groundwater resources exploitation - 9 Borehole decommissioning [pdf, 191KB]

CD-K-070-2009, Hazardous waste mngt system – General [pdf, 202KB]

CD-K-071-2009, Identification and listing of hazardous materials [pdf, 2.6MB]

CD-K-072-2009, Standards for generators of hazardous waste [pdf, 499KB]

CD-K-073-2009, Standards for transporters of hazardous waste [pdf, 78KB]

CD-K-074-2009, Standards for owners of hazardous waste process facilities [pdf, 1.8MB]

CD-K-075-2009, Standards for universal waste management [pdf, 166KB]

CD-K-076-2009, Standards for the management of used oil [pdf, 217KB]

CD-K-077-2009, Water safety plans [pdf, 1.55MB]

CD-K-078-2009, Drinking water collection, treatment & distribution code [pdf, 42KB]

CD-K-079-2009, Deionized water – Specification [pdf, 542KB]

CD-K-080-2009, Rain water harvesting — Code of practice [pdf, 2.0MB]

CD-K-081-2009, Classification of water bodies [pdf, 80KB]

CD-K-082-2009, Priority water pollutants [pdf, 3.6MB]

CD-K-083-2009, Greywater systems - Code of practice [pdf, 2.2MB]

CD-K-084-2009, Classification and design of plastic pipes [pdf, 693KB]

CD-K-085-2009, GRP UP resin pipes for water supplies [pdf, 1.8MB]

CD-K-086-2009, Thermoplastic piping for soil & waste - Installation practice [pdf, 1.5MB]

CD-K-087-2009, Practice for laying PVC-U pipes for water supply [pdf, 5.05MB]

CD-K-088-2009, Predominantly key-operated cast iron gate valves [pdf, 1.97MB]

CD-K-089-2009, Migration assessment for plastic pipes and fittings [pdf, 694KB]

CD-K-090-1-2009, PE-X pipes for hot and cold water supply - 1 General [pdf, 730KB]

CD-K-090-2-2009, PE-X pipes for hot and cold water supply - 2 Pipes [pdf, 815KB]

CD-K-090-3-2009, PE-X pipes for hot and cold water supply - 3 Fittings [pdf, 747KB]

CD-K-090-5-2009, PE-X pipes for hot and cold water supply - 5 Fitness for purpose [pdf, 702KB]

CD-K-090-7-2009, PE-X pipes for hot and cold water supply - 7 Conformity [pdf, 837KB]

CD-K-091-1-2009, PB pipes for hot and cold water supply - 1 General [pdf, 699KB]

CD-K-091-2-2009, PB pipes for hot and cold water supply - 2 Pipes [pdf, 811KB]

CD-K-091-3-2009, PB pipes for hot and cold water supply - 3 Fittings [pdf, 772KB]

CD-K-091-5-2009, PB pipes for hot and cold water supply - 5 Fitness for purpose [pdf, 710KB]

CD-K-091-7-2009, PB pipes for hot and cold water supply - 7 Conformity [pdf, 831KB]

CD-K-092-1-2009, PVC-C piping for hot and cold water supply - 1 General [pdf, 740KB]

CD-K-092-2-2009, PVC-C piping for hot and cold water supply - 2 Pipes [pdf, 1.1MB]

CD-K-092-3-2009, PVC-C piping for hot and cold water supply - 3 Fittings [pdf, 1.3MB]

CD-K-092-5-2009, PVC-C piping for hot and cold water supply - 5 Fitness for purpose [pdf, 706KB]

CD-K-092-7-2009, PVC-C piping for hot and cold water supply - 7 Conformity [pdf, 716KB]

CD-K-093-2009, PVC-O piping for water supply  under pressure [pdf, 865KB]

CD-K-094-1-2009, Multilayer piping for water supply  - 1 General [pdf, 667KB]

CD-K-094-2-2009, Multilayer piping for water supply  - 2 Pipes [pdf, 1.05MB]

CD-K-094-3-2009, Multilayer piping for water supply  - 3 Fittings [pdf, 668KB]

CD-K-094-5-2009, Multilayer piping for water supply  - 5 Fitness for purpose [pdf, 672KB]

CD-K-094-7-2009, Multilayer piping for water supply  - 7 Conformity [pdf, 739KB]

CD-K-095-1-2009, PE-RT piping for hot and cold water supply  - 1 General [pdf, 686KB]

CD-K-095-2-2009, PE-RT piping for hot and cold water supply  - 2 Pipes [pdf, 1.09MB]

CD-K-095-3-2009, PE-RT piping for hot and cold water supply  - 3 Fittings [pdf, 771KB]

CD-K-095-5-2009, PE-RT piping for hot and cold water supply  - 5 Fitness for purpose [pdf, 701KB]

CD-K-096-2009, Thermoplastic elastomer pipe joint seals [pdf, 722KB]

CD-K-097-2009, Steel tubes for water and sewage [pdf, 4.0MB]

CD-K-098-2009, PVC-U plastic piping for soil & waste discharge [pdf, 908KB]

CD-K-099-2009, Rubber seals - Joint rings for water & drainage [pdf, 750KB]

CD-K-100-2009, Spigot series cast iron drainage pipes [pdf, 838KB]

CD-K-101-2009, Installation of thermoplastic piping for soil & waste discharge [pdf, 1.2MB]

CD-K-102-2009, Installation of PVC-U piping for buried drains [pdf, 3.7MB]

CD-K-103-2009, Plastic pipings for underground drainage – Performance [pdf, 6.6MB]

CD-K-104-2009, PP pipings for soil & waste discharge [pdf, 1.06MB]

CD-K-105-2009, PVC-C pipings for soil & waste discharge [pdf, 996KB]

CD-K-107-1-2009, PVC-U & PVC-C pipings - 1 Dimensions [pdf, 2.2MB]

CD-K-107-2-2009, PE pipings - 2 Dimensions [pdf, 1.5MB]

CD-K-107-3-2009, PP pipings - 3 Dimensions [pdf, 1.5MB]

CD-K-107-4-2009, ABS pipings - 4 Dimensions [pdf, 2.1MB]

CD-K-108-2009, PE plastic piping for soil & waste discharge [pdf, 927KB]

CD-K-109-2009, PE plastic piping for non-pressure underground drainage [pdf, 917KB]

CD-K-110-2009, PP plastic piping for non-pressure underground drainage [pdf, 927KB]

CD-K-111-2009, Plastic traps for discharge pipework in buildings [pdf, 4.4MB]

CD-K-112-2009, PVC-U piping - Viscosity No & K-value [pdf, 756KB]

CD-K-113-2009, Thermoplastic piping for non-pressure app – Watertightness [pdf, 683KB]

CD-K-114-2009, Thermoplastic piping for soil & waste discharge – Airtightness [pdf, 696KB]

CD-K-115-2009, Thermoplastic piping for non-pressure - High temps [pdf, 750KB]

CD-K-116-2009, Thermoplastic piping for non-pressure - Leak-tightness [pdf, 735KB]

CD-K-117-2009, Thermoplastic piping for non-pressure - Temp & load [pdf, 808KB]

CD-K-118-2009, Thermoplastic piping for non-pressure - Seam tens str [pdf, 670KB]

CD-K-119-2009, Thermoplastic piping for non-pressure - Impact str [pdf, 677KB]

CD-K-120-2009, Thermoplastic piping for non-pressure - Mechanica str [pdf, 704KB]

CD-K-121-2009, Thermoplastic piping for non-pressure - Joint seal perf [pdf, 831KB]

CD-K-122-2009, Thermoplastic piping for non-pressure - traffic loading [pdf, 717KB]

CD-K-123-2009, Thermoplastic piping for non-pressure - Buckling rest [pdf, 785KB]

CD-K-124-2009, Thermoplastic piping for non-pressure - Ring stiffness [pdf, 746KB]

CD-K-125-1-2009, Plastic piping for non-pressure - 1 PRC with flexible joints [pdf, 1.8MB]

CD-K-126-2009, Plastic piping for soil & waste discharge - SAN+PVC [pdf, 1.55MB]

CD-K-127-1-2009, PVC, PP & PE - 1 Specs [pdf, 806KB]

CD-K-127-2-2009, PVC, PP & PE - 2 Type A [pdf, 933KB]

CD-K-127-3-2009, PVC, PP & PE - 3 Type B [pdf, 927KB]

CD-K-128-2009, Fibre-reinforced cement piping for gravity systems [pdf, 996KB]

CD-K-130-2009, Acrylic shower trays [pdf, 2.6MB]

CD-K-131-2009, Crossliknked acrylic shower trays [pdf, 2.6MB]

CD-K-132-2009, IM coextruded ABS acrylic shower trays [pdf, 2.7MB]

CD-K-133-2009, IM coextruded ABS acrylic baths [pdf, 3.6MB]

CD-K-134-2009, Safety grab bars and accessories in bathing area [pdf, 669KB]

CD-K-135-2009, Type 1 & 2 taps - Technical specifications [pdf, 6.3MB]

CD-K-136-2009, Mechanical mixing valves PN 10 [pdf, 6.2MB]

CD-K-137-2009, Thermoplastic valves in construction [pdf, 4.8MB]

CD-K-138-2009, Flexible PVC gaskets for WC link to drains [pdf, 686KB]

CD-K-139-2009, Baths of crosslinked cast acrylic sheets [pdf, 3.4MB]

CD-K-140-2009, Baths and shower trays of crosslinked cast acrylic sheets [pdf, 2.0MB]

CD-K-141-2009, Wash basins – Requirements [pdf, 3.84MB]

CD-K-142-2009, Wall-hung urinals – Requirements [pdf, 4.0MB]

CD-K-143-2009, Multifunction shower cabinets – Requirements [pdf, 5.6MB]

CD-K-144-2009, Bidets — Functional requirements and test methods [pdf, 2.5MB]

CD-K-145-2009, Methacrylic dispersions of high filler content [pdf, 2.2MB]

CD-K-146-2009, Electronic opening and closing sanitary tapware [pdf, 5.9MB]

CD-K-147-2009, Slip-resistant bathing facilities [pdf, 650KB]

CD-K-148-1-2009, Code - Design of sanitary facilities & scales [pdf, 8.0MB]

CD-K-148-2-2009, Code - Spaces for sanitary appliances [pdf, 4.8MB]

CD-K-148-3-2009, Code - Sanitary appliances selection, installation & maintenance [pdf, 7.5MB]

CD-K-149-2009, Shower trays for domestic purposes – Specification [pdf, 3.0MB]

CD-K-150-2009, Baths for domestic purposes — Specification [pdf, 3.0MB]

CD-K-151-2009, Inlet valves for flushing cisterns with internal overflow [pdf, 3.5MB]

CD-K-152-2009, Sanitary appliances — Communal washing troughs [pdf, 2.4MB]

CD-K-153-2009, Refuse chutes and hoppers — Specification [pdf, 2.5MB]

CD-K-154-2009, Kitchen sinks — Connecting dimensions [pdf, 1.6MB]

CD-K-155-2009, Specification for whirlpool baths [pdf, 3.1MB]

CD-K-156-2009, Shower enclosures — Functional requirements [pdf, 5.0MB]

CD-K-157-2009, Acoustics - Occupational noise exposure [pdf, 4.0MB]

CD-K-158-2009, Adjustable chemical dosing systems [pdf, 2.7MB]

CD-K-159-2009, District heating pipes — Preinsulated bonded [pdf, 4.4MB]

CD-K-160-1-2009, Management of healthcare waste - 1 Risk waste [pdf, 1.5MB]

CD-K-160-2-2009, Management of healthcare waste - 2 Rural setting [pdf, 1.23MB]

CD-K-161-2009, EHS guidelines for timber treatment plant [pdf, 5.8MB]

CD-K-162-1-2009, Disaster management - 1 Terminology [pdf, 3.22MB]

CD-K-162-2-2009, Disaster management - 2 All-risk emergency [pdf, 3.7MB]

CD-K-162-3-2009, Disaster management — Hazard-specific [pdf, 3.5MB]

CD-K-163-2009, Health and safety at events — Requirements [pdf, 5.54MB]

CD-K-164-1-2009, Road restraint systems - 1 Terminology [pdf, 1.5MB]

CD-K-164-2-2009, Road restraint systems - 2 Perform classes [pdf, 990KB]

CD-K-164-3-2009, Road restraint systems - 3 Crash cushions [pdf, 1.2MB]

CD-K-164-4-2009, Road restraint systems - 4 Safety barriers [pdf, 1.3MB]

CD-K-164-5-2009, Road restraint systems - 5 Product conformity [pdf, 1.94MB]

CD-K-165-1-2009, Wastewater treatment systems - 1 Pref septic tanks [pdf, 81KB]

CD-K-165-3-2009, Wastewater treatment systems - 3 Site assembled [pdf, 81KB]

CD-K-165-4-2009, Wastewater treatment systems - 4 Prefab kits [pdf, 81KB]

CD-K-166-2009, Water taps (metallic bodies) — Specification [pdf, 723KB]

CD-K-167-2009, PE steel meshed pipes for water supply [pdf, 778KB]

CD-K-168-2009, PE steel meshed pipe fittings for water supply [pdf, 813KB]

CD-K-169-2009, Float valves — Specification [pdf, 520KB]

CD-K-170-2009, Copper alloy gate valves — Heavy duty [pdf, 467KB]

CD-K-171-2009, Cast iron gate valves for general purposes — Specification [pdf, 1.02MB]

CD-K-172-2009, Plastic floats for ball valves — Specification [pdf, 304KB]

CD-K-173-2009, WC & urinals - Automatic shut-off flush valves [pdf, 409KB]

CD-K-174-2009, Water Trtment Chemicals – Methanol [pdf, 813KB]

CD-K-175-2009, Water Trtment Chemicals - Calciums – Tests [pdf, 2.9MB]

CD-K-176-2009, Water Trtment Chemicals – Ozone [pdf, 875KB]

CD-K-177-2009, Water Trtment Chemicals - Modified starches [pdf, 637KB]

CD-K-178-2009, Water Trtment Chemicals - NaCl for Fe+exc [pdf, 2.1MB]

CD-K-179-2009, Water Trtment Chemicals – Chlorine [pdf, 929KB]

DEAS 12 Potable Water 2012 [doc, 126KB]

DEAS 13 2012 Packaged Natural Mineral Water 31.5.2012 [doc, 210KB]

DEAS 153 Packaged Drinking Water 2012 [doc, 124KB]