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Draft East African Standards for Apiculture and and Derived Products

The following Draft East African Standards have been developed under the mandate of the East African Standards Committee under the comprehensive programme for developing standards for products of trade and export potential in the East African Community. The envisaged standards are intended to cover the necessary aspects to make East African products competitive and acceptable regionally and internationally. The Draft East African Standards are available for download free of charge. Comments for improvement of the standards are welcome from all interested parties within the EAC and our trading partners as well as interested professionals in their respective fields worldwide. The comments should be submitted to the East African Community Secretariat or the Contact Person in the Partner States using the EAS Comments Template (doc).

CD-K-650-2010, Crude and refined beeswax — Specification [pdf, 546KB]

CD-K-651-2010, Beehives — Specification [pdf, 2.5MB]

CD-K-652-2010, Extracted honey — Specification [pdf, 1.82MB]

CD-K-653-2010, Folding type beehive stand — Specification [pdf, 343KB]

CD-K-654-2010, Fixed type beehive stand — Specification [pdf, 332KB]

CD-K-655-2010, Tangential type honey extractor — Specification [pdf, 1.3MB]

CD-K-656-2010, Comb foundation sheets — Specification [pdf, 600KB]

CD-K-657-2010, Layout for honey processing plant [pdf, 776KB]

CD-K-658-2010, Comb foundation mill — Specification [pdf, 531KB]

CD-K-659-2010, Traveling bees-box — Specification [pdf, 803KB]

CD-K-660-2010, Radial type honey extractor — Specification [pdf, 1.66MB]

CD-K-661-2010, Conservation and maintenance of honey bees [pdf, 2.2MB]

CD-K-662-2010, Wasp trap — Specification [pdf, 667KB]

CD-K-663-2010, Fumigant strips for treatment of honey-bees [pdf, 284KB]

CD-K-664-2010, Solar wax extractor — Specification [pdf, 421KB]

CD-K-665-2010, Beeman's kit — Specification [pdf, 821KB]

CD-K-666-2010, Package bee box — Specification [pdf, 622KB]

CD-K-667-2010, Honey processing unit — Technical requirements [pdf, 374KB]

EAS 36-2010, Honey — Specification [pdf, 595KB]