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The first activity was the planning workshop of the EAC Technical Subcommittee on quality assurance and accreditation (EAC QA&TSC) which was held in Bagamoyo, Tanzania in July 2004. The purpose of the workshop was in pursuit of the provisions of the EAC SQMT protocol (Standardization, Quality Assurance, Metrology, Testing) which is implemented to ensure:
  1. Regional SQMT Activities are harmonized and are in agreement with the international requirements.
  2. The technical infrastructure is in position to meet the services demanded.
  3. The quality infrastructure that includes accreditation of conformity assessment service providers within the region is realized to foster regional and international trade.
This planning workshop developed the QA&A Master plan or plan of operation based on the 30 milestone approach. Tied to this are:

(a) The priority areas of co-operation, activities to be undertaken, respective key performance indicators, monitoring the defined responsibilities and time frame depicted by the radar diagram and House of East African Accreditation Board (EACAB). More ...

(b)The regional accreditation model. More ...
Report of 12th of QA&A Meeting

QA&A Master Plan

EAC Regional Legislation:
SQMT Bill; EAC Treaty; EAC SQMT Protocol [pdf, 1.7 MB]

National Legislation:
KEBS; RBS; TBS; UNBS [doc, 268 KB]

Other supporting documents:
EAC Accreditation Board Quality Manual [in preparation]; MoU Establishing the EAC Accreditation Board; Current available Accreditation services; Register of Profiency Testing schemes