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Technical Sub-Committee on Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is part of the key quality infrastructure elements. The QA Technical sub-committee established in July 2004, is among the various technical sub-committees tasked by the East African Standards Committee (EASC) to develop the necessary infrastructure. It supports the regional quality assurance and accreditation activities and fosters regional and international trade.

This section provides for:
  • background information on the QA&A Sub-committee
  • an overview on past and current activities, including training
  • a register of trained experts (labs and certification bodies)
  • a list of representatives/representations (active and past) in meetings and committees of international organizations
  • a register of accredited organizations within EAC
  • country reports on accreditation
  • a photo gallery of staff members and events
  • an abundant list of related documents for download

Video: Welcome statement by Sammy Koskei Milgo, Director, KENAS, Secretary of Technical Sub-Committee QA&A
[wmv; 2,4 MB; 38 sec.]

Report of 12th of QA&A Meeting

QA&A Master Plan

EAC Regional Legislation:
SQMT Bill; EAC Treaty; EAC SQMT Protocol [pdf, 1.7 MB]

National Legislation:
KEBS; RBS; TBS; UNBS [doc, 268 KB]

Other supporting documents:
EAC Accreditation Board Quality Manual [in preparation]; MoU Establishing the EAC Accreditation Board; Current available Accreditation services; Register of Profiency Testing schemes