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Rwanda Standards Board (RSB)

Rwanda Standards Board (RSB) is a public institution established by Rwanda Government Legislation Nš 30 of 29/07/2013 determining the responsibilities, organization and functioning of the Rwanda Standards Board to undertake all activities pertaining to the development of Standards, Conformity Assessment and Metrology services in the country.  It is the only body with powers to define and posses national standards. Public services and public or private firms must present their standards to RBS for adoption at national level. RSB is governed by the Board of Directors composed of major stakeholders from government, industry and academic institutions, as well as consumer associations.


The Bureau is committed to being an acknowledged regional leader in SQMT, and aims at providing a strong linkage to the international standardization system.

  • The mission of RSB is to improve the quality of Rwandan people through the effective application of Standardization, Quality Assurance, Metrology and Testing (SQMT).
  • RSB intends to make Rwandan goods and services competitive in both regional and international trade.
The information on standards development at RBS will be presented under three broad categories, as follows:
  • Technical Committee work;
  • Public Review of Committee Draft Standards;
  • Standards Development Unit Work Programme;
  • RSB National Enquiry Point.
RSB organizational chart 


KK 15 Rd, 49
Kicukiro Centre
P.O.Box 7099 Kigali-Rwanda
Telephone: (250)0252 586103/0252 582945
Hotline: 3250
Email: info@rsb.gov.rw
Website: www.rsb.gov.rw

Contact person:
Mr Eric Nigaba
Mob: +250 788303609
Email: eric.nigaba(at)rsb.gov.rw