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Draft Kenya Standards For Balloting

Draft Kenya Standards For Balloting

The following Draft Kenya Standards have been developed by the Switchgear and Distribution Equipment Technical Committee in accordance with the procedures of the Bureau and in Compliance with the Annex 3 of the WTO TBT Agreement.

The Draft Kenya Standards are at the stage of balloting. They are however available for downloading to interested parties who may also wish to submit comments for improvements.

Members of the TC are requested to submit their ballots by 8th June 2010 using the forms provided.

KS 1859-1-2010, HV operating regulations - Definitions [pdf, 610KB]

KS 1859-2-2010, HV operating regulations - Colour coding [pdf, 450KB]

KS 1859-3-2010, HV operating regulations - Model regulations [pdf, 783KB]

KS 1859-5-2010, HV operating regulations - Instructions [pdf, 550KB]

KS 1864-2010, Battery chargers — Performance [pdf, 1.13MB]

KS 1876-1-2010, Overhead power lines for Kenya - Code [pdf, 1.13MB]

KS 1876-2-2010, Overhead power lines for Kenya - Safety [pdf, 1.13MB]

KS 1877-2010, 22 kV power lines [pdf, 3.4MB]

KS 1878-0-2010, Residential electricity supply - Definitions [pdf, 790KB]

KS 1878-1-2010, Residential electricity supply - Planning & design [pdf, 1.3MB]

KS 1878-2-3-2010, Residential electricity supply - Preferred methods [pdf, 712KB]

KS 1878-3-2010, Residential electricity supply - Overhead distribution [pdf, 664KB]

KS 1883-2010, Installation of overhead line conductors [pdf, 6.84MB]

KS 1902-2010, Animal deterrents [pdf, 800KB]

KS 1917-2010, Energized power lines maintenance [pdf, 3.3MB]

KS 2236-1-2010, Electricity supply QOS - Minimum Stds [pdf, 700KB]

KS 2236-2-2010, Electricity supply QOS - Report guidelines [pdf, 592KB]

KS 2236-3-2010, Electricity supply QOS - Voltage characteristics [pdf, 812KB]

KS 2236-4-2010, Electricity supply QOS - Utility guidelines [pdf, 845KB]

Switchgear BallotsMay2010 [doc, 175KB]

Duly completed forms to be sent to:

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