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Technical Sub-Committee on Metrology

The East African Metrology Technical Sub-Committee was established under the Standards Committee and is constituted of two working groups namely: 
Legal Metrology Scientific & Industrial Metrology

  • Organize measurement inter-comparisons between calibration laboratories
  • Identify training and equipment needs
  • Represent the EAC at Regional and International Metrology Organizations
  • Draft, harmonize and coordinate implementation of regulations
The TSC Metrology collaborates on all levels with AFRIMET, APMP, BIPM, EUROMET, IMEKO, OIML, SADCMEL, SADCMET, and SIM.

This section provides for:

  • Background information on the Technical Sub-Committee on Metrology
  • An overview on past and present activities
  • Information on new measurement techniques and new measurement standards, on new legislation, on new laboratories and facilities, and management changes
  • A photo gallery of staff members and events
Report of 13th EAC Metrology Sub-Committee

Master Workplan

[in preparation]

Procurement Guide on Laboratory Equipment
[in preparation]

Protocols on Inter-Comparisons
- Mass
- Temperature

Questionnaire on Calibration Facilities in the EAC

Annual Reports:

Technical Reports: