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Would you give every product to your children? Don't you fear that some products may endanger the health of your children? Don't you want to be sure that those products that you give them are safe? How to know which products are safe? You may trust in advertisement or you control the product on yourself. But do you know for example if the colour used for the product does not endanger the health of your baby when it takes it in his mouth?

Quality Infrastructure provides two tools to guarantee the product quality: Product and System Certification and Market Surveillance.

Supermarket in Kigali

Product and System Certification

Have you already remarked the small standard marks in the corner of the label of your product? They certify that the national certification body grants for the quality of the product. These certification bodies cooperate closely with accredited testing laboratories that perform the relevant tests to assure the conformity of the product to certain standards. In addition to that many firms have also certified their quality system. Accreditation means that the competence of a laboratory has been approved by a national or international accreditation body. Standards are commonly agreed product specifications which are notified by national or regional standard bodies (Bureaux of Standards). In the EAC most standards are harmonized on a regional level.

Test samples at UNBS laboratory

Market Surveillance

Although the firm that produces the respective product has got the required certification for their production process and the product is tested and certified, how do we know if there are no counterfeiting products or if the packaging and transportation process was performed appropriately? Therefore we need institutions that perform the market surveillance. Verification Offices test size, density, weight etc. of a product by taking samples in firms and along the distribution chain. In addition to that, also the content of samples is tested by further institutions. Other institutions check that there are no counterfeiting products on the market. Standard marks on products guarantee a high product quality. They guarantee that you and your children may use products in confidence.
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