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The Consumers Association of Rwanda (ASCORWA) is an organization which ensures the protection and promotion of consumer’s rights.
The idea of putting in place the association came after a meeting of its members in the early 2000, during which they realized that the problems related to consumption of goods and services were complex and unsolved.

The ASCORWA has come at the right time to take up the challenges of the inexistence of Rwandan organizations dealing with the above issues.

  1. To fight by all legal means against the excessive rise in prices on the market;
  2. To protect  the consumer’s  interests as far as the quality goods and services is concerned, ensure the accuracy of the weights and measures of the products on the market;
  3. To train and to sensitize the consumers in regard to the protection of their rights and the respect their duties;
  4. To find solutions to all the problems which may affect the consumers in  Rwanda;
  5. To fully participate the development of our country in partnership with others socio-economic operators.
ASCORWA is member of the Consumers International which is the only independent global campaigning voice for consumers. With over 220 member organizations in 115 countries, Consumers International aims at building a powerful international consumer movement to help protect and empower consumers everywhere. 

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