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The Use of the CE Mark

The CE Mark symbolizes the conformity of the product with the applicable European Union requirements as detailed in the relevant Directive. The manufacturer (or authorized representative) affixes the CE Mark visibly, legibly and indelibly on the product as a sign to the authorities that the manufacturer assumes full responsibility for the integrity of the product, i.e. that the product conforms to all the applicable provisions and that all the conformity assessment requirements have been fulfilled. The CE Mark is therefore a regulatory mark and not a quality mark as many would believe.

In the European Union it would be an offence if the CE Mark is affixed to products that do not meet all the relevant requirements and heavy penalties are the result of misdemeanours. Whether this would also be the case in countries outside of the European Union is very debatable, hence the use of the CE-Mark in other jurisdictions needs to be very carefully considered.
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