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Notified Bodies

Notified Bodies carry out tasks pertaining to the conformity assessment requirements detailed in the Directive. A Notified Body is therefore a conformity assessment service provider that has demonstrated its technical competency, capability of carrying out the conformity assessment procedures in question, and that can demonstrate its independence, impartiality and integrity all to the satisfaction of the Member State in which it is resident. This Member State takes the final responsibility for the service providers it notifies to the EC authorities in Brussels. The list of Notified Bodies can be obtained from the official website of the EU: http://www.europa.eu.

For manufacturers in the EAC this is a problem in so far as no Notified Bodies are resident in the region. Products that are destined for the EU markets and that require Notified Body intervention, have to be tested and certified by a Notified Body in Europe, adding quite appreciably to the cost of doing business with Europe. Some Notified Bodies maintain a presence in the EAC in the form of offices or subsidiaries that can be approached in this regard. The National Standards Bodies can sometimes also provide information in this regard.
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