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Without effective sanctions, rogue suppliers will eventually undermine the technical regulation requirements and the objectives of the authorities will suffer or even be totally sabotaged.Two levels of sanctions are commonly encountered, namely
  • Administrative sanctions whereby suppliers are requested by the regulatory agency to rectify the problem identified in the market place without any further penalties involved. Administrative sanctions could include:
    - recall of the offending products from the market place to effect repairs and replacements (often used in the automotive industry); and/or
    - recall of the offending commodities from the market to be destroyed; and/or
    - advertising campaigns to warn and inform the public about the problem.

  • Legal sanctions are implemented (e.g. court proceedings) should the supplier fail to respond positively on administrative sanctions.
Good relations between the regulatory agencies and the supply industry are therefore of paramount importance as problems can be quite often satisfactorily sorted out with a minimum of fuss and without resorting to the courts.

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