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Mandatory Standards

In all the EAC Partner States a system of Mandatory Standards has been implemented. These are technical regulations implemented in terms of the provisions of the various Standards Acts of the Partner States. Once a voluntary national standard has been developed, recommendations can be made to the Minister or Ministry responsible for trade and industry to have the standard declared mandatory. The National Standards Bodies function as the regulatory authority to ensure that these Mandatory Standards are properly observed in the market place. The list of products that fall within the scope of these Mandatory Standards varies between the Partner States, and should be carefully scrutinized by suppliers.

Mandatory Standards in the Partner States are similar in concept, but the implementation varies. In most cases the Partner States require products falling within the scope of Mandatory Standards to be marked with the Product Certification Mark of the National Standards Body if they are manufactured in the country. In the case of imported products, most Partner States operate Import Inspection schemes with differing requirements. The Product Certification Scheme has to be paid for by the supplier. Detailed information should therefore be obtained from the National Standards Bodies on the standards that have been declared mandatory, the conformity assessment requirements, the fees that have to be paid, and other administrative requirements.

This is a list of mandatory standards applicable in Rwanda.
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