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Import Inspections

The EAC Partner States import most of their manufactured goods. In order to ensure the integrity of such imported goods, and to try and prevent exploitation of the average consumer, the Partner States have implemented Import Inspection Scheme of varying complexity. They range from a very comprehensive scheme in Kenya, where in theory all imported products have to be checked for compliance with either national or international standards, to those in the other Partner States where only products falling within the scope of Mandatory Standards are inspected.

In some cases test reports and certificates from abroad will be accepted, in others products will be retested in accordance with the Mandatory Standards or parts thereof. In exceptional cases imported products have to obtain the Product Certification Mark of the National Standards Body. All of this can lead to products being held up at the ports whilst the testing is conducted. The fees that are payable for the Import Inspection varies between Partner States. It is therefore very important that the importer obtains up-to-date information regarding the administrative provisions, the conformity assessment requirements, the fees payable and other relevant information from the National Standards Bodies that are responsible for the administration of the Import Inspection Scheme.
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