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Products or Process Characteristics

The products or process characteristics are the essentials that products or processes have to comply with. They are called technical requirements, standards, compulsory standards, mandatory standards and many other names. Generally speaking three distinct ways in which they are defined are encountered in technical regulations, namely

  • Technical requirements are contained in full in the text of the technical regulation;
  • A national, regional or international standard is referenced by number, title, scope, date or any combination of these; and
  • An official list of "deemed to satisfy" standards is published.
To confuse the issue, some technical regulations contain essential requirements and applicable limits, e.g. maximum levels of contaminants and minerals in bottled water, whereas the testing methods and other technical requirements such as packaging are contained in a referenced standard. In the EAC Partner States and many developing economies the first two dominate, whereas the latter is used extensively in the European Union. As a supplier it is therefore important to clearly identify the way in which the technical requirements are defined and to obtain the relevant and up-to-date information for example from the National TBT Enquiry Points.

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