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The Uganda National Bureau of Standards(UNBS) Testing Department offers the best analytical services by using well equipped Laboratories manned by competent, dynamic, motivated well trained and highly qualified staff.  The Department has five major Laboratories namely; Chemistry, Microbiology, Electrical Engineering, Materials Engineering and Petroleum.

The laboratories use internationally recognized test methods and modern sophisticated equipments for assessing the quality of various food and non food products ranging from water, juices, edible oils, cereal products, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, fish, paper, wood, plastics, milk and related products, building materials, textiles, edible oils, edible salt, cosmetics, petroleum products, industrial chemicals, electrical appliances, etc, for conformity assessment.

The scope of tests conducted in the laboratories has progressively increased in tandem with the changing market requirements and needs of consumers and manufactures.

The laboratory testing services offer support to other UNBS programmes like; import inspections, product certification, market surveillance and standards development. The services are open to, exporters, consumers, tender boards, manufacturers, researchers etc.

The Microbiology Laboratory is internationally accredited in accordance with the international standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 (General requirement for competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories by SANAS. Accreditation is the international recognition that the laboratory /personnel have demonstrated competence to carry out specific tasks.

Chemistry together with other laboratories are being prepared for the same, and this will provide  a one stop centre for customers requiring certification of products for export, which will reduce the technical barriers to trade since goods will not need re-testing by the importing country.

The laboratories provide trainings in analytical skills for industrialists and students from higher institutions of learning.

The Microbiology and Chemistry laboratories are the proficiency testing providers of Edible oils and Water respectively for the EAC and SADC regions.

The two Proficiency testing (PT) schemes offer opportunity for all interested laboratories to participate in the region. They are open for subscription to the general public particularly industrialists, researchers, academicians and any other laboratory prationeers.

Proficiency testing is "Determination of laboratory testing performance by means of inter-laboratory comparisons.

Subscription to participation in proficiency testing (PT) will enable the laboratory to bench mark and compare its performance with that of other laboratories at a particular time.

Participation in the PT will provide basis for corrective action in case of unsatisfactory performance of a particular laboratory.  Participation will enable the participants to assure quality of their results. Participation will also assist in determining the performance characteristics of a method and help in the process of estimation of uncertainty in the measurement for the particular methods used.

Proficiency testing participation will enable the participating laboratory to assess the accuracy of its test results, and this will act as a quality control tool.

For more detailed information regarding Proficiency testing participation and parameters for analysis, please contact the following;

Mr .Dentons Kaviiri PT provider for Edible oils for Chemistry
Mobile: +256 772503381

Mr. .Aziz Mukota contact person for SADC water PT (Chemistry)
Mobile: +256 712962692

Ms. Jacqueline Kwesiga for Microbiology water PT
Mobile: +256 772869015

Mr. Charles Odongwun
Mobile: +256 772449959
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