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Conformity Assessment

Conformity assessment is the collective term for the combination of inspection, testing and certification required to provide evidence that the product or service meets the stated requirements. Questions that need to be answered are -
  • Is third party conformity assessment required or is a self-declaration of conformity adequate?
  • Does the supplier have a choice in third party conformity assessment service providers?
  • Does the conformity assessment service provider have to be accredited?
  • Do the Regulatory Authorities have designated providers or are they conducting the conformity assessment themselves?
  • What level of inspection, testing and certification is required and when is it required?
  • Who pays for the conformity assessment and when?

EAC Partner States
In the EAC Partner States, conformity assessment for the Mandatory Standards is mostly provided by the National Standards Bodies, although they may accept testing and certification from abroad under certain circumstances. The Standards Bodies are therefore the Regulatory Authority as well as the conformity assessment service provider. In the case of technical regulations other than the Mandatory Standards, information has to be obtained from the relevant Regulatory Authorities or the National TBT Enquiry Points.

European Union
In the European Union the level of conformity assessment is defined in each of the Directives utilizing eight Modules. These Modules, numbered from A to H, range from a self assessment of compliance (e.g. toys) to the involvement of third parties in the design, manufacturing and testing of products (e.g. pressure equipment) depending on the risk and consequential damages associated with possible failure of the product or service. Information on the Directives and the Modules can be obtained from the official website of the European Union: http://europa.eu.int/comm/enterprise/regulation/index.htm

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