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Metrology and Accreditation

For the supplier it is important that the test reports and certification for products and services are accepted in the market place. To facilitate this acceptability, it is fairly obvious that measurements should be accurate, and that the technical competency of laboratories and certification organizations should be above reproach.

Accurate measurements are ensured by a system of traceability of the calibration of measuring equipment, from the factory floor right through to the international measurement standards. The National Metrology Institute is responsible for ensuring that the national measurement standards are appropriately maintained and internationally calibrated and that the calibration system in the country is functional.  Suppliers and manufacturers have to see to it that their measurement equipment is properly controlled, maintained and calibrated from time to time.

Attestation of technical competency is based on accreditation. Service providers such as laboratories and inspection and certification organizations, whether in the public or private domain should therefore be accredited for the specific services they provide.  Suppliers and manufacturers should, before making use of such service providers, enquire whether they are accredited by an internationally recognized accreditation organization.

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