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Why Quality Imports Inspection

Due to the trade liberalization policy in Rwanda, importers are free to import all kinds of products into the country. This has resulted in substandard and counterfeit commodities flooding both regional and national markets. Consumers lost confidence in most of the locally produced commodities, thus forcing some industries to close down.
The purpose of Quality Inspection of Imports is to ensure that all imports entering Rwanda comply with the requirements of Rwanda Standards or any other standard approved by Rwanda Bureau of Standards. This is done in order to protect consumers, environment, and eliminate dumping of substandard and counterfeit products.

How to avoid rejection of imports

The importer should inform his supplier about the requirements of Rwanda Standard covering the commodity he intends to import. He should enter an agreement with the supplier that if the product does not meet the requirements of the relevant Rwanda Standard(s) when inspected and tested, it will be shipped back to the country of origin at the supplier’s cost.
Rwanda standards are readily available at the Head office in KICUKIRO.

Banned Products
  • Plastic polyethylene bags
  • Tiger Head batteries
  • Cosmetics containing hydroquinone, mercury and cortisones (hormonal preparations). These are however accepted as long as they are imported by a recognized pharmacist having the right to import such.
  • All non-conforming products and all counterfeits
Information to importers

All importers are warned that non-conforming products will not be tolerated on the Rwandan market. Information regarding the quality of products should be obtained from RBS head office at Kicukiro.
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