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Uganda Fish Processors and Exporters associations (UFPEA)

The UFPEA founded in 1993 is an organization that brings together all industrial fish processors in Uganda. 

With the birth of UFPEA, the fish sector has witnessed transformation into a modern processing industry with increased capital investments, increase in export revenue and improved Public Private Partnership with Government. This has contributed to social economic wellbeing of fishing communities and other Ugandans employed in the sector.  


To be an association where individual members work together to promote a sustainable, quality oriented, market and high value focuses approach in the fisheries sub-sector in Uganda

  1. To set up  mechanisms to ensure full participation of members in promoting Uganda’s fish products
  2. To work in partnership with government with respect to policies and programmes in the fisheries sector.
  3. To promote the sustainable use of fisheries resources and comprehensive quality management systems in the fisheries industry.

UFPEA works hand in hand with the National Environment Management (NEMA) and Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization (LVFO) to ensure the continued high water quality and safe habitat for fish. Sustainability of fishery resources is a top priority for UFPEA as illustrated by self regulatory mechanism in the UFPEA members Code of conduct.
“UFPEA shall participle in and promote polices and measures geared toward the rational management of resources of fish in the natural water system’’


Uganda ensures the safety of its fish exports right from the source (water bodies) to the market place. The Department of fisheries Resources, which is also the Competent Authority, carries out regular tests on the fish, water, and water sediments to check for heavy metals, microbial tests and pesticide residues. The analysis is done by world class laboratories.
UFPEA has offered all members opportunities for training in implementation of HACCP, as well as ISO standards such as ISO 9001:2000 management standard, ISO 14000 Environmental standard, ISO 22000:2005 which encompasses both , quality and safety aspects that are in line with the new EU Food and Feed Directive:882/2004 that emphasizes traceability in the fish supply chain.

As a result of Uganda’s private sector and competent Authority paterniship towards quality and safety of fish products, Uganda has been recognized by the European Union Commission as a fully harmonized country. Uganda is on list 1 of exporting countries.

Support Services

In the wake of this emerging and dynamic sector, a number of service Providers have invested in areas such as:

  • Charter and scheduled Cargo flights
  • Major International freighter companies
  • Excellent Handling services, including cold storage facilities at Entebbe International Airport
  • Laboratories
  • Packaging material sector
  • Demand driven research.  


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