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Products and services are the lifeblood of companies. But, a large number of companies are flooding the global market with products that are quite similar in their performance and price. The customer has a lot of choices. Therefore, in order to successfully market products or services, they have to be differentiated from the rest in such a way that the customer selects them above those of everybody else. Question: How do you do that? Answer: Through quality!

Quality can be seen as the totality of features and characteristics of a product or a service that have a bearing on its ability to satisfy a given need as perceived by the user. Generally speaking, the quality of a product or service is made up of two equally important elements, namely quality of design and built quality (i.e. delivery in the case of services). These two are positively influenced by standards, demonstrated by testing and certification, which in turn are underpinned by metrology and accreditation.

The recent world-wide efforts to improve quality have levelled the differences in built quality between concurrent products. Hence built quality is no longer negotiable, because if the built quality is not right, you do not even get off first base. Furthermore, once industries are competing internationally and in the home markets at equal price, built quality and functionality, quality of design is often the only differential that matters.

Due to the fact that technology is advancing at a tremendous pace, consumers can actually no longer determine the quality of a product. Hence manufacturers have to provide credible evidence that the product does indeed meet stated requirements. This may mean test results from an independent laboratory to satisfy a specific customer. Or, to provide such evidence to a broader public, product certification can be obtained. In this case a specific mark, indicating quality, will be affixed to each product. Due to the multitude of such marks that are available all over the world, the one chosen should be well recognized in the specific target market.

  • Competitive advantage in promising local and international markets
  • Listing of your company's name on Trade Registers where foreign investors look for leads
  • Increase of your chances when bidding for tenders, mergers and joint ventures
  • For suppliers: Certification is a recognized stamp for approval
  • Enhances your reputation as employer leading to the attraction of talents that will add great value and innovation to your company.
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